Graduate Schools in Canada that offer Scholarship and Funding in Education

23 colleges in canada with scholarship

Canada, just like the United States of America, is also a top destination for Education studies in the world and below is a list of 23 different schools in Canada that offer Funding and Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D in Education.

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1. Brandon University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed

2. Brock University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed.

3. Concordia University, Education with Comparative & Intercultural Topic, M.A.

4. Lakehead University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed.

5. McGill University, Integrated Studies in Education, M.A., Ph.D.

6. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Leadership Studies, M.Ed.

7. Queen’s University, Cultural and Policy Studies, M.Ed., PhD

8. Saint Mary’s University, International Development Studies, TESL, TEFL, M.A.

9. Simon Fraser University, Educational Leadership, TEFL/TESL, M.Ed.

10. Université de Montréal, Comparative Education, M.Ed, PhD

11. Université de Quebec à Chicoutimi, Courses/Programmes

12. Université de Quebec à Montreal, Courses in CIE

13. Université de Sherbrooke, Courses in CIE

14. Université Laval, Courses in CIE

15. University of Alberta, Educational Policy Studies, M.A.

16. University of British Columbia, Adult Education; Adult Learning & Global Change, M.Ed.

17. University of Calgary, Educational Contexts; Ed. Leadership; Higher Ed. Administration, M.A.

18. University of Manitoba, Ed. Administration, Foundations and Ed Psych., M.Ed.

19. University of Ottawa, Society, Culture & Literacies; Globalization and International Development, M.A., M.Ed

20. University of Saskatchewan, Educational Foundation, M.Ed.

21. University of Western Ontario, Policy Studies, courses in CIE, M.Ed.

22. University of Windsor, Education, CIE topics, M.A.

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23. York University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed.

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