All expense paid Scholarship for BSc, MSC and PhD

Due to the high number of applicants and servers slow down, the scholarship boards have shifted the deadline to February 24, 2019

2019 scholarship
all expense paid turkish government scholarship

Seems some countries and government understand and value education more than the way most African countries and Nigeria especially value education and I believe this is why many of them give scholarships and grants for education.

Update (Feb 24, 2019): Please note that application is no longer being accepted.

Update (February 20, 2019): Due to a high number of people interested in this scholarship and the systems slowing down, the scholarship body has decided to extend the application deadline and give opportunities for those who have been having difficulties finishing the application. Hurry now as the new deadline is now February 24, 2019.

new deadline for scholarshipUpdate: If you are having some forms of difficulties activating the account, just be patient and try again. Also, check all folders in your mail including SPAM as the activation mail may delay a bit before entering.

You can read further instructions on the scholarship page here.

With Academic Staff Union Of Universities in Nigeria on strike and there seems to be no permanent solution in sight, the Turkish Government is offering an ALL EXPENSE PAID SCHOLARSHIP to study in their country.

All expense paid including flight ticket, stipends for feeding and accommodation and other miscellaneous.

I know some people may be deterred or think that since Turkey is not an English speaking country there may be some obstacles but that isn’t an issue at all as most of the courses are offered in English Language except for one-year language learning which is fun.

This offer is too good to be missed which is why I encourage as many as are reading this piece not to waste any more time and apply immediately.

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Application opened already January 15, 2019 and closes February 20, 2019 so no time to waste at all.

And application process is completely FREE OF CHARGE so no need to worry about paying an agent or whatever to do it for you. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

Application Links and Instructions

2019 scholarship
all expense paid Turkish government scholarship

Highlighted below are the application procedures for the 2019 Turkiye scholarships

Very useful for your application is understanding of CV and REsume. Read more here

Please note: Application is completely free of charge and it is online

  1. Go to and create an account to get started.
  2. After successful creation of an account and email confirmation, sign into your account and fill in your full information as required. Without your information correctly and completely filled in, you can’t proceed with the application so please make sure every of your information is correctly and accurately filled in.

Again, the application is completely free of charge so don’t let anyone scam you to paying any amount. If there is any cost implication, it should be in sending in your transcript over to the school and that is when the time comes or traveling to the embassy for interviews. So don’t be scammed.




    • well, you have to choose a course you are most comfortable with as you can’t fail. when you are given scholarship and you fail to perform, there are always consequences so make sure to pick a course you will do well in or something you feel confident you will pass.

      All the best


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