How to Download Videos from Your favourite MOOC – Coursera

First in a series of lessons on how to download videos from MOOC. This is on downloading COUSERA videos using a PC


Learning is fun indeed and more interesting when you can access resources for free like MOOC provides but it can also get frustrating when you are restricted by poor internet access or metered internet connection and this is why downloading these resources are important.

Many people have approached me privately asking how they can download these courses so they can watch later at their convenience or even continue the lectures when internet access is no longer accessible.

I will be starting with Coursera as it provides the easiest and freest way to download your videos either on PC or Mobile devices. I will, however, focus on PC as it gives you more freedom.

Follow the steps here;

  1. Open the Coursera homepage and locate the course you want to run and download. (Make sure you have logged in or sign up if you don’t have an account. It is completely free to do so.)

  1. Open the video to the particular lecture you would like to watch and under download section click on Lecture Video to open a download window for the course.

  1. Sometimes Based on the browser you use especially Google Chrome, you may see something like this instead of a direct download but you can still download the course. The Video may start playing in the browser, just follow the direction as seen in the screenshot below and you can still download the courses you need.

You can do this for all the videos in the course you are taking and same for all courses and as many as you want to do.


All the best and have a nice time learning. Wishing everyone a happy and wonderful 2019


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